Squaw Alpine Transit Company Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2019

Squaw Valley PSD Conference Room, 305 Squaw Valley Rd, Olympic Valley, CA 96146

1. Call to Order / Introductions

Chair Keith Fountain called today’s meeting to order at 9:02 AM. A quorum was established.

2. Roll Call and Establishment of Quorum

Board members in attendance

Keith Fountain

Drew Conly

Evan Benjaminson

David Stepner

Peter Grant

Robb Olson

Casey Blann

Jennifer Merchant arrived at 9: 22AM

Bob Tetrault was appointed today

Board members not in attendance

Kyle Crezee

Others attending

Ron Cohen

Joy Doyle

3. Changes to Agenda / Adopt Agenda

There were no changes to today’s agenda, which was adopted by affirmation.

4. Approve July 18, 2019 Meeting Minutes

It was moved by Blann and seconded by Olson to approve the meeting minutes of the July 18, 2019 Board meeting as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Public Comment

There were no comments on items not on today’s agenda.

6. Chairman’s Report

SVSH Voluntary Agreement (1% on “Frequency” product)

Fountain reported SVSH has agreed to assess 1% on “frequency” products. The agreement was included in today’s meeting packet. Cohen described the items that would be included.

SVSH Loan Agreement

Because of the delay in collecting revenues, Cohen has agreed to extend the loan timeframe.

Downtowner 2019/2020 Agreement

Fountain reported the 2019/20 agreement with Downtowner for $600,000 has been signed. Data collected from last year’s service led to the decision to expand service a bit into Alpine Meadows and operate in Squaw until 10:00 PM. That said the season will be shortened: December 13, 2019 – April 12, 2020.

Fountain noted a request to start the service earlier in the morning to better accommodate employees. All such requests will be tracked, but schedules will not automatically be changed.

Mountaineer Partners Update: OVI - Yes | RaSC - No | SVSH - Verbal Yes

Fountain described how the original model have been modified and additional partner needs and requests are considered. For example, there have been requests for expanded service from the Resort and OVI.

SVSH has suggested an app be used for the Squaw Alpine Express (SAE), which would require putting the Downtowner driver app on their shuttles so the Mountaineer rider app shows on the SAE. Fountain said that would require another addendum to the Mountaineer agreement and the technology must be available in vehicles. Fountain noted the great job Doyle has done to update the website. Documents, including those for Board meetings, will be available on Google Docs.

Mountaineer 2019/2020 Press Release

Fountain reported a press release has gone out to publicize the new hours and dates of operation. Information was included on the additional contributions from SVSH for bundled packages.

Village at SV Groups / Events (Adam Feehan) - Mountain Travel Symposium

Fountain has been asked if Mountaineer can help move groups around the Valley. For example, the Mountain Travel Symposium will be here this winter, as will Winter Wondergrass. Blann noted it may be possible to accommodate some of the larger groups with additional vans, but it is difficult to change the set schedule based on group needs.


Fountain has met with Rob Kautz to understand SATCo’s potential role and compatibility with the proposed North Tahoe TBID. Fountain explained the proposed assessments on retail, restaurants, and lodging. SVSH would pay a lesser assessment than businesses around the lake because of participation in SATCo. It may be possible to amend SATCo’s MDP to include assessments on retail and restaurants that benefit from SATCo, but it could be confusing, so Fountain asked Kautz to consider allocating some of the TBID funds to the Mountaineer service.

Merchant explained the currently proposed TBID budget, with dollars going to marketing and tourism mitigation, as well as transportation. She explained how the funds could be allocated by the CAP Committee to SATCo without a need to change the MDP and suggested those conversations continue. Discussion followed regarding the proposed TBID and SATCo’s potential involvement, which could increase revenues for additional service. There was agreement that the MDP, when released, will provide more information on how funds are to be spent and the Zone of Benefit.

“First 100 Day Work Plan”

Fountain reported Doyle’s time as a consultant is funded. She has really helped streamline operations, including getting agendas and other information distributed. Her time is on budget and on task.

Tourism Master Plan Grant

Stepner reported a TOT grant application is being considered for $45,000 to fund Doyle’s time to explore expanding Mountaineer to Tahoe City and Truckee, including days and times of service and funding options. Of the total, $35,000 would be for Doyle’s time and $10,000 for an outside consultant if needed. A match would be required, but could be provided by an Airport District grant. Challenges to getting the grant could be that the request is for planning, not a capital project, and going into Truckee is outside the Placer TOT boundary. Discussion followed regarding the items that can be considered if the grant is approved. Merchant suggested that because the request is for planning, it may be appropriate to request the funds directly from Placer County and not from TOT funds. She offered to meet with Stepner and Erin Casey to determine the most appropriate funding mechanism.

7. Treasurer’s Report

Benjaminson presented the financial reports, including year-end information provided by McClintock Accountancy. The Cash Flow Analysis indicates SATCo ended the year as anticipated with increased revenues and fewer expenses. Benjaminson explained how the SVSH loan repayment is booked and discussed how delinquencies are being handled.

8. Action Items

a. Board Items

Elect Directors for 2 year term each

Olson is not renewing his term and recommended Bob Tetrault represent Alpine Meadows. Seats held by Fountain and Benjaminson are also expiring this year. Both have offered to serve another term.

It was moved by Fountain and seconded by Olson to appoint Keith Fountain, Evan Benjaminson, and Bob Tetrault to two-year terms on the SATCo Board. Motion carried unanimously.

Elect FY19-20 Officers

It was moved by Fountain and seconded by Grant to appoint the following Board officers: Keith Fountain as Chair, Casey Blann as Vice-Chair, Drew Conly as Secretary, and Evan Benjaminson as Treasurer. Motion carried unanimously.

FY 19-20 Quarterly Meeting date/time

It was agreed regular SATCo Board meetings would be scheduled for the second Wednesday of the second month in each quarter. The next meeting was scheduled for February 12, 2020.

b. FY 2019/2020 Budget

Benjaminson presented the proposed budget and explained the assumptions made as it was prepared, including the proposed plan to repay the SVSH loan. Discussion followed as the loan repayment and specific line items were clarified.

It was moved by Stepner and seconded by Olson to approve the FY 2019/20 Budget as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

c. Ad Hoc Operations Committee per 2019/2020 DT Launch

Fountain said this group will work with Downtowner on logistics of the service.

It was moved by Fountain and seconded by Benjaminson to establish an Ad Hoc Operations Committee consisting of Blann, Stepner, Benjaminson, and Conly. Motion carried unanimously.

i. Members Locker Room Circle Congestion (Chief Riley)

There was a brief discussion about traffic flows and the challenges in the Circle, given ice and snow conditions and people loading and unloading in that area.

Board Member Reports

Merchant announced the Board of Supervisors is meeting on October 22 at the North Tahoe Event Center in Kings Beach. Included on the agenda is a discussion about the proposed Short Term Rental Ordinance and a two-year pilot program for free-to-the-rider TART service in Placer County.

9. Adjourn

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:08 AM.

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