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Squaw Alpine Transit Company

Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2021

Via Zoom Video Conference

1. Call to Order

Chair Keith Fountain called today’s meeting to order at 9:02 AM. A quorum was established.

2. Roll Call and Establishment of Quorum

Board members in attendance

Keith Fountain

Drew Conly

Evan Benjaminson

Bob Tetrault

David Stepner

Peter Grant

Mike Martin

Kyle Crezee joined the call at 9:26 AM

Board members not in attendance


Others attending

Joy Doyle

Erin Casey joined the call at 9:43 AM

3. Changes to / adopt Agenda

It was moved by Fountain and seconded by Benjaminson to adopt today’s agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Approval of January 13, 2021 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

It was moved by Fountain and seconded by Stepner to approve the minutes of the January 13, 2021 meeting as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Public Comment

There were no comments on items not on today’s agenda.

6. Board Member and Adviser Comments

There were no comments on items not on today’s agenda.

7. Executive Director’s Report

  1. Ridership Summary YTD for OVI and SVAM

Doyle reminded the Board the OVI fixed route and SVAM intervalley shuttle service with Downtowner technology are the only services currently operating. She presented the ridership report comparing 2019-20 to 2020-21. OVI ridership has decreased, whereas the SVAM shuttle ridership has increased.

  1. Cancelation Feedback

Doyle noted the comments about cancelling the Mountaineer services this winter.

  1. Grant Update

Doyle determined SATCo is not eligible for a PPP loan because the organization has no employees. She continues to explore other options, including grants from Cal Nonprofit, the Caltrans Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) and began to explore possibly funding through CAP, but none are appropriate sources of funding.

Doyle continues to stay apprised of the formation of the North Lake Tahoe TBID, including changes to NLTRA, to be on top of funding opportunities for SATCo. The Board of Supervisors approved the Resolution of Formation for the TBID yesterday.

  1. Delinquency Reports

  2. Delinquency Report for January

The Delinquency Report from Placer County was included in today’s meeting packet, including Doug Jastrow’s responses to the Board’s questions from its January meeting; one account was only delinquent on paying the TBID assessment and a second was late paying both TOT and TBID.

  1. Delinquency History by Month

Doyle noted the report in the meeting packet. It will be presented quarterly.

8. Treasurer’s Report

a. Financial Reports

i. Motion that Board has reviewed Q1 financial reports

Benjaminson presented the financial reports included in today’s meeting packet.

It was moved by Benjaminson and seconded by Stepner to acknowledge the Q1 financial reports have been reviewed. Motion carried unanimously.

b. Rev Expense Summary / Financial Projections

Benjaminson presented the Revenue Expense Summary, including cash flow projections. Doyle and Stepner have been very involved in updating the report with actual expenses and income as well as monthly reconciliations to bank statements. Placer County continues to charge the Revenue Collection fees, but there could be a refund at the end of the year.

Discussion followed as specific line items were clarified. Benjaminson is feeling positive about cash flows given in the indicators noted. He expects to have a clearer picture in May and June, once March and April assessments are reflected and as the next preliminary fiscal year budget is prepared. Doyle and Stepner will continue to be involved in creating and evaluating the Revenue Expense Summary.

Fountain asked the group to consider the need to develop a Reserve Fund at some point. It could help during low-snow years, unanticipated costs, and ensuring the SVSH loan is repaid.

9. Informational Items

a. Board Efficiency and Responsibilities Transitioned to Staff

Fountain and Grant are working with Doyle and Benjaminson to determine the role of the Board and the responsibilities the Executive Director can take on. Doyle will do more of the day-to-day operational tasks as the organization transitions from Board-driven to staff-driven.

There was a brief discussion about transitioning roles. Doyle is very comfortable working with a Board that serves more of a strategic role in decision making while she handles the routine tasks that need to be addressed. Benjaminson agreed, noting the role of Treasurer of the Board should be a higher level position and the Executive Director and/or a bookkeeper or financial analyst should be handling routine work.

b. Financial SOP Document in the works

Fountain said Doyle is developing a SATCo Finance Standard Operation Procedures manual, which will be all encompassing. Doyle noted that while the business seems simple, the finance piece is complicated and she will continue to work with Benjaminson and Stepner to document procedures. That process will identify all the tasks that need to be accomplished and then decisions can be made about bringing in a Financial Analyst or bookkeeper.

c. Placer County’s potential “Tourism Mitigating” Projects and Services

Fountain congratulated Erin Casey on her presentation to the Board of Supervisors yesterday, which included the proposed Tourism Mitigation Activities budget to allocate funds that could be freed-up given TBID and the fund balance from FY 2019/20 TOT. Casey reviewed the projects that will be implemented this summer, including crossing guards in the town centers, addressing trash and litter issues, and a summer Park & Ride option. Additionally, Casey is working with Downtowner on a micro-transit program called Tahoe Connect that is planned to operate daily 8am to midnight from July 1 until September 6, 2021 in two zones along the north and west shores.

Casey answered questions clarifying the Tahoe Connect micro-transit pilot. Stepner suggested leasing vehicles year-round, rather than seasonally, as a possible cost-saving measure for all. He asked about extending the Tahoe Connect beyond the town centers so Squaw and Alpine are served, particularly given the TOT collections in Squaw. Casey explained the plan right now is for Tahoe Connect to avoid duplicating the routes served by TART, but acknowledged there are many resources that could be brought together. Benjaminson and Fountain both spoke about the need to ultimately create a broader system that reduces congestion and gets residents and guests around easily.

10. Adjourn

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM.

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