What is Mountaineer? 

Mountaineer is an on-demand, app-based shuttle service available to residents and guests of Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows that began in winter 2018-19. The service is offered seasonally in the winter and is available at no cost to riders and provides transportation within Olympic Valley and within Alpine Meadows.

When does Mountaineer operate? 

Mountaineer operates in the winter season, typically from mid-December to mid-April. Mountaineer's operating schedule vary from winter to winter somewhat and the schedule is announced in October.  Click for current operating schedule

How do I use Mountaineer? 

Download the free Mountaineer app and use it request a ride from any Olympic Valley or Alpine Meadows location. After a short wait indicated in the app, a dog-friendly, 10-person, 4WD sprinter-type vans equipped with ski & snowboard racks will pick you up. Please have your party ready at curbside. If you originated your ride in Olympic Valley, Mountaineer will drop you at your requested Olympic Valley destination and if you originated your ride in Alpine Meadows, Mountaineer will drop you at your requested Alpine Meadows destination. 


How much does Mountaineer cost? 

The Mountaineer service is free. 


Where will Mountaineer take me? 

Mountaineer will transport you from wherever you are in Olympic Valley to wherever you want to go within Olympic Valley and Mountaineer will transport you from wherever you are in Alpine Meadows to wherever you want to go within Alpine Meadows.

TART Connect is offering free on-demand service between Olympic Valley and downtown Tahoe City Friday and Saturday 5:30 pm - 10:30pm; download and use the free TART Connect app for this service.


What if I want to be transported between Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows?

Use the free Palisades Tahoe Shuttle that the resort operates.


What if I want to get to other regional locations without a car?

Use Tahoe Area Regional Transportation (TART) for free bus service to Truckee and North Lake Tahoe destinations. Download the TART Connect App for on-demand service from Olympic Valley to Tahoe City Friday & Saturday 5:30-10:30pm and once in Tahoe City use the TART Connect app for on-demand transportation to additional North Lake Tahoe locations.


Will my Mountaineer shuttle go directly to my destination or will it stop to pick up other people? 

The Mountaineer vans fit up to 10 people including the driver. Passengers should expect to ride share with others. 


What are Mountaineer's Health & Safety Protocols?
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How many Mountaineer vehicles will be in service? 

Ten vehicles in total will be in service, each with seating for 9 passengers. One vehicle is ADA friendly, and all vehicles are dog-friendly. 


Can I bring my skis or snowboard on Mountaineer? 

Yes. Mountaineer vehicles are equipped with ski & snowboard racks. 


Is the Mountaineer ADA vehicle specific to Olympic Valley? 

No. The ADA vehicle can be summoned from Olympic Valley or Alpine Meadows.  

Can I take a Mountaineer vehicle to connect with a TART (Tahoe Area Regional Transit) bus?

Yes. You can take a Mountaineer shuttle to TART bus stops within Olympic Valley or Alpine Meadows, transfer to a TART bus, and ride TART for free. TART information

Where did SATCo and Mountaineer come from?

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What is SATCo and Mountaineer’s History & Timeline of Key Milestones?

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Why was Mountaineer introduced? 

Mountaineer was introduced to reduce in-valley trips within Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows by providing on-demand and convenient shuttle service at no cost to the rider. Somewhat due to Mountaineers success, Placer County introduced TART Connect on-demand shuttle service in North Lake Tahoe as a pilot program in summer 2021 and is scheduled to operate TART Connect in winter 2021-22. The intention is that Mountaineer will eventually seamlessly integrate into the Tahoe Area Regional Transit bus system (TART).


How is Mountaineer funded? 

The nonprofit Squaw Alpine Transit Company (SATCo) funds the micro mass transit system through the combination of a one percent assessment on Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows lodging and short-term rental gross revenue and a one percent assessment on Palisades Tahoe on-site lift ticket gross revenue. Palisades Tahoe also provides a volunteer contribution of a 1% assessment on its daily lift ticket frequency product gross revenues to assist in funding Mountaineer services.


What is Squaw Alpine Transit Company (SATCo)? 

SATCo is the result of a collaborative effort spearheaded by Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows homeowner’s associations,  lodging properties, and Palisades Tahoe ski resort. 


Have on-demand shuttle services been used successfully in other mountain communities? 

SATCo contracts with Downtowner LLC to provide the Mountaineer service.  They also operate successful shuttle services in Vail / Beaver Creek, Park City, Aspen and additional resort communities around the nation.

How can I apply to become a Mountaineer driver?

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